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In December of 2001, SofTee Manufacturing, LLC was created and purchased the manufacturing assets for SofTee Golf Mats.  SofTee Manufacturing, LLC is owned by Larry Moore and Tom Moore.  Together they have fifty years of experience in a combination of manufacturing and the golf industry.

Fairway Series Golf Mats were originally manufactured to solve the problems that the golf ranges and customers of the ranges faced.  These problems consisted of mats curling up, blowing out of position on the range, mats feeling hard and clubs bouncing off the mat creating unrealistic practice at the range. SofTee Manufacturing, LLC has always strived toward resolving these issues.

As the popularity of the range mats grew, SofTee created a smaller version of the Fairway Series for the retail market. The Fairway Practice Mat is sold, along with many other accessories and training aids, through SofTee Golf Products to retailers around the country seen below.

SofTee Golf Mats are manufactured in Wales U.K.  SofTee Golf Mats are sold in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and throughout Europe. Mats sold in North America are shipped from Columbia, SC and Southport, NC.

In 2006, SofTee began testing Belrobotics robotic lawnmowers, BigMow and ParcMow. These robotic lawnmowers can cut grass in areas of 5-6 acres for the BigMow and 2-3 acres for the ParcMow. They are battery operated and automatically go back to the charging station when needed. They mow for about an hour and a half to two hours, then charge for about the same time. They run all day and all night, essentially cutting the grass as it grows which is better for the grass and better for the environment.

The environmental effect is significant. There is no gasoline or oil used to operated these mowers. Most mowers emit 30 - 50 times the amount of an idling car. Since the grass that is being cut is only about 1/16th of an inch, it decomposes much faster requiring far less chemicals to maintain a green lawn.

In 2007, SofTee began marketing these mowers along with a robotic Ball Picker for driving ranges. You can learn more about these products and find a dealer near you at SofTee Automation's website.

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