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After surveying golf range owners, retail shop owners/managers, and patrons, a number of common problems were identified with the use of standard range and retail golf mats.  These common problems were addressed and solved in the manufacturing of the Fairway Series, Indoor Series and Fairway Practice Mats.


The mission of SofTee Manufacturing is to resolve the issues facing both range management and their customers, as well as consumers.  Below are the solutions the Fairway Series and Fairway Practice Mats bring to these issues and the benefit the range management and consumers receive as a result of owning the Fairway Series Golf Mats and Fairway Practice Mats.


Golfers often get sore wrists, elbows and shoulders from hitting off mats.

     SofTee Solution:

  • SofTee's unique Precision Gel adhesive allows the playing surface to move slightly with the golf club as if the golfer is taking a divot, then rebounds back to it's original position.  This movement creates a divot like feel that golfers experience on a fairway shot rather than the bouncing and jarring feeling of other golf mats.


  • Golfers without soreness in their wrists, elbows and shoulders are more likely to hit more golf balls per visit and return more often.

Range owners lose mats due to wind and/or theft.

     SofTee Solution:

  • SofTee's rubber base gives the mat a sturdy flat foundation that is not susceptible to being blown away, short of a tornado, and far less likely to be stole from the range.


  • The sturdiness of Fairway Series cut the costs and labor attempting to find, retrieve and/or replace the mats.

Many golf mats curl up around the edges over time.

     SofTee Solution:

  • The sturdy foundation and the Precision Gel found in the Fairway Series eliminate the curling around the edges.


SofTee's Fairway Series Golf Mats lie flat due to the crumb rubber base and will not curl like other mats do.


  • The Fairway Series keep their flat hitting surface and aesthetic appeal when maintained properly


Retail mats are thin and light

     SofTee Solution:

  • The Fairway Practice Mat is made with the same materials and quality as the Fairway Series Golf Mats, including the crumb rubber base.


  • The Fairway Practice Mat will not move around after each shot and the crumb rubber provides come cushion so the golfer will not feel the shock of hitting the hard surface under the mat.

When using a small mat, the ball is above the golfers feet resulting in unrealistic practice

     SofTee Solution:

  • The Fairway Practice Mat has a hitting mat and a stance mat so the ball is at the same level as their feet.  


  • Realistic practice of hitting on a level surface.


Green residue is often left on the bottom of golfers clubs after hitting off of mats.

     SofTee Solution:

  • SofTee Manufacturing has chosen Nylon 6 carpet that has a very low coefficient of friction.  The low coefficient of friction keeps the nylon from heating up with the contact of a club and rubbing off on the club.


  • Customers will not complain about the discoloration of their golf clubs due to the SofTee Golf Mat.

Different golfers like different tee heights.

    SofTee Solution:

  • The Fairway Series Golf Mat has 12 holes in each mat. THere are 3 holes per side which allow the range owner to put multiple tee heights for its customers.

  • The Fairway Practice Mat comes with a rubber tee holder and wooden tees so that the golfer can adjust the tee height accordingly.


  • The Fairway Series Golf Mats wear much more evenly with the additional tee holes giving the range owner more use out of each mat.

  • Realistic practice hitting the tee height that the golfer prefers.

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