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Practice Like You Play

“The SofTee Ball Tray is a great product because it’s not metal or something that needs to be painted or refurbished at the end of each season.  It’s something that is durable enough to be thrown around if you need to, it is heavy enough not to blow away, yet light enough to move around easily. “ 

Hilton Phillips, PGA Professional
Windy Hill
Midlothian, VA

Practice Like You Play

Practice Like You Play

“Contrary to popular belief, a soft mat to walk on is a hard mat to swing from. The Fairway Series is firm to walk on but most importantly soft to swing from. Based on my research and experience, the foam rubber mats turn the club face at impact where the Fairway Series, with its firm crumb rubber base and Precision Gel, gives the club and the golfer the true feel of the fairway.”

Jim Smith, PGA Professional
Missing Links Golf Range
Largo, Florida

"After testing several mats for our program, SofTee's Fairway Series duplicated fairway conditions and feel. They are far superior to any mat that we have tested."

Bernie Krick, Director of Instruction
Professional Golf Management
Methodist College

Practice Like You Play

Practice Like You Play

"The weight and durability alone make SofTee's Fairway Series, hands down, the best range mat I have ever purchased."

Robb Moss
Head Golf Pro, Assistant General Manager
Arrowhead Golf Course
Littleton, CO

Practice Like You Play
  • "Having three holes on each side of the Fairway Series Golf Mat really helps to even out the wear of the mats both in the standing area and the hitting area."

    Karl Obermeyer, Head Professional
    Village Club of Sands Point
    Sands Point, NY

  • "The customer feedback has been great!  The Fairway Series Golf Mats feel better than any other mat we've ever had."

    Drew Wayman, Assistant Golf Professional
    Schaumburg Golf Club
    Schaumburg, IL

  • “SofTee’s Fairway Series gives you the true feel of hitting a fairway shot.  I also experience less fatigue on the Fairway Mats than on other mats that I have used.” 

    Bob Bales, PGA Professional
    Grand Rapids, MI


  • “When you strike the ball it doesn't hurt my wrist after hitting many shots.  They also seem to last much longer than the other mats.”

    Ken Malnar, Teaching Professional

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